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Sattva Kaveri Siri

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Sattva Kaveri Siri

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Sattva Anugraha

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Sattva Ashraya

Mr. Arindam & Mrs. Shilpa Chatterjee

The best decision we have ever made was to invest in Sattva Greenage Apartments on Hosur Main Road.

Not only does it have more amenities than any other residential project, over 100, to be precise, it has made a world of difference to the way I live. We live in a community of great camaraderie with friendly neighbours and in the heart of the city.

Mrs. Sheetal Sehgal

My entire life changed after I came to stay at Sattva Greenage. It’s a great residential space with unending amenities. I have many friends here who are my neighbours and we like-minded people meet every evening, to enjoy the amenities and socialize. The club house is truly world class and I regularly use the health facilities and the 2 pools we have here. The best part is my grandparents too now live here and their life has also changed for the better.

Mr. Kamal Raj Batra

The whole experience of buying a home at Symphony was very professional and smooth sailing. The quality of the construction is very good. I am very happy with the features and amenities that this project offers. Its truly home sweet home for me!

Mr. Manjari Srivastava

Outstanding customer support right from booking, up until project possession. Good quality of construction & customer Support. Keep the good show on!

Mr. Abhishek

Services renderd were smooth throughout . Would recommend Sattva due to excellent construction quality.

Ms. Pramila

I’m happy with the Sattva Team, as the documentations and payments were done well. Good plan, good construction and professional handling.

Mr. Ravi shekar Rai

Received prompt response from Sattva Team. I’m very satisfied with their work and services.

Mr. Shibaji Bon

Timely and super fast response from Sattva Team.


Mr. Manu Khanna

Great service, all the way until flat possession.

Mr. Saurabh Jain

Sattva Team showed great support. They’ve a very active team. I would recommend Sattva to others, due to exceptional services and brand reputation.

Mr. Venkatesh Gota

Communication is good.

Mr. Varun Gupta

Good work! They have maintained a good reputation in the market. Would recommend Sattva due to great service.

Mr. Somaiah MM

Good service. Keep up the good Job!

Mr. Sudeep Mukherjee

I am glad with the good response that I received from the company as well as the timely delivery of my apartment.

Mr. Sumit K Sanghai

Because of the good quality of work, I would recommend Sattva to others. They were very prompt with all their dealings. Good Work!

Mr. Deepak Hegde

Everyone who visited our house is interested in the project! We are satisfied with the services rendered by the team.


Mr. Mathan Ramanujam

All processes from sales to registration and from finance to possession have been very smooth!

Mr. Dayananda E.C

Overall a great experience. May plan to invest in up-coming projects in the future.

Mr. Hema Kumar

I experienced friendly co-operation from the staff, in all areas like documentation, financial transaction and attending to complaints. I am happy with my decision!

Mr. Chandra sekhar Reddy

All responses at CRM and site are excellent. Keep it up! Great brand name, delivery time and professionalism.

Mrs. Jaya Shekar

I’m happy with the services provided by this company and will recommend them again.

Mrs. Anupama

Good construction progress and value for money. I would recommend Sattva.

Mr. Yathish Kumar

The Sattva team was cooperative and sent us the required details and information regularly. Laurel Heights is a good project and completely suits my needs.

Mr. Prashant Chandrasekhar

Sattva has been very responsive in addressing our queries throughout the process and provided us every information we have asked for.


Mr. Ramesh B

Excellent services rendered by the team. Also, the quality of construction is great!


Mr. Sandeep Athalye

Very happy with the services provided by the company.

Mr. D Tarun M V Radia

Excellent services rendered by the Sattva Team.


Mr. Lt. Col Sanjay Mohanty

It has been a great journey with the Sattva team. Grateful for all the support, especially the CRM Team.


Mr. Lalit Malani

I’m impressed by the skillful construction and timely completion of the project!

Mr. Narayana Acharyulu

I’m impressed by the skillful construction and timely completion of the project!

Mr. K K Tripathi

Overall, I am satisfied with the delivery of the project. I am also happy to say that I got my home on time. I feel that I have got real value for my money and I will recommend the company to my friends too.

Mr. Kamalesh K Sharma

I am very happy with the quality of construction and the timely possession that I received my home. Thanks to the company’s professional approach I am more than likely to refer them to my friends.

Mr. Srikanth and Mrs. Harini

I was indeed impressed by the transfer of know-how and knowledge from the sales and CRM teams to my wife and myself during the house buying process. I would say my experience was very good.

Mrs. Jyothi Nath

I would like to thank specially Rao Sir and Mr. Yeshwanth for allowing everything to go smoothly and on time.

Mr. Ramesh Bedi

All were helpful. All is well. I’m glad I bought a Sattva home.

Mrs. Arundathi G

Staff of Sattva team were very cooperative. I was convinced about the quality of the project and that is why I bought my apartment from them.

Mrs. Puja Kumari

The Sattva team is cooperative, and the most important thing is that, we got our flat in time. On time delivery and fast construction as well as good people, are what worked in their favour.

Mr. Devandra Jaiswal

I am very happy with the endless amenities provided to me at Greengage. Each and every facility is very good. I like the layout of the apartment complex and now I have many friends here and activities as well. The best part is, that this huge project is right in the middle of the city! Life is fulfilling and good here.

Mr. G Gopal

I am a happy Home Owner at Sattva Laurel Heights. The sales team was very courteous and guided me towards this important decision of my life. The project is truly value for money and with this Company, I am assured that only the best of construction materials are used for my home.

Mr. S Theva and Mrs. Jyothi

I find the product quality to be excellent and I also got my home on the time committed to me. The ambience of my home is also very good and the location too, suits my commuting needs and everything is conveniently accessible to me. My family enjoys the many amenities provided and I feel my life has changed for the better, after I came here.

Mr. Sreekumar T

I am happy with the quality of work of the construction. I feel that with Sattva I am getting true value for money. I am going to recommend this company to my friends who are looking for a good quality home in a good location.

Mrs. Sonu Ghosh

It was the builder’s reputation that attracted me to this company and I feel I have made a well thought out decision. The team was very cooperative and professional in their attitude towards me.


Mrs. Anita Chandrasekhar

The interaction with the sales team is good and I will readily recommend Sattva to my family and friends. Their approach and encouragement to buy my new home has been a good experience. Overall I am very happy with my decision.

Mr. Vikas Bittera

I had trust in the reputation of the company and was sure that I was getting a quality product. The infrastructure was also very good and the ambience and amenities provided are also well thought out. Overall the services of the company has been good and I am happy with my decision.

Mr. Lt Col Sally Abraham

I have visited Sattva Laurel heights twice and found the sales team to be cordial and approachable.

I find the location of their apartments are well chosen and the construction is of very good quality.

Mr. Krishnamurthy Balasubramanian

All their apartments are located in prime locations near main/ arterial roads, or close to metro stations and so connectivity is a great factor for me to purchase this apartment. Apart from that, I also like the quality and the attention to details that I found in my building.

The amenities are good for my child to enjoy – in fact over 50 amenities. For elders too, there are many activities to keep them occupied and cheerful. The general ambience of the entire community is very pleasing and beautiful, well maintained and gives very positive vibes.

Overall, the sales team was quite amenable to me and very responsive to my queries, and all my concerns or issues raised were resolved within reasonable timeframes by the management and their teams. I have been happy with their support and level of service rendered.

Mrs. Sandeepa

Its been a great experience buying a Sattva home. The maintenance is really good and the project being on the main road, is also good for connectivity. The buying experience went without any hitches and the sales team was pleasant and easy to deal with. The swimming pool and amenities are very well maintained and I am extremely happy with my decision to invest in this brand.

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