Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Today, the Group stands tall as a frontrunner, shaping India’s inevitable growth story.

The Sattva Family

The cogs that turn the wheels of this trusted and award-winning machinery are our People. They are at the core of everything that happens, relentlessly driving our passion for excellence. Each department and function works with professional expertise and creative passion, culminating to create the Sattva renowned ‘ Quality’ that is so much more than just a sum of the parts.

Trust. It’s what we build. The “we” in our corporate tagline is a team of highly specialized and reputed architects, civil contractors, legal advisors, financial planners, expert marketing and sales teams, HR professionals and administrators who work in tandem, to achieve the success we have today. Ably guided by the unique foresight and skills of our top management.

We call ourselves “The Sattva Family” and we’ve grown from a modest size to over 1000 employees, who work with dedication and skilled expertise, charting the Company’s growth. The stunning growth of the Group from a small enterprise to a multi-crore business with multi-domain diversification has been the result of the exceptional dedication and expertise of our team.

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