Facility Management

When it comes to asset management, Sattva is trusted for everything under the roof. We provide a range of services that include integrated property management to large commercial and residential complexes, industrial parks and retail outlets. Our focus on standardizing processes and systems, combined with years of cutting-edge expertise and experience, has gained us a loyal customer base.

Sattva follows an integrated approach to facilities management. Adapting the most advanced intelligence and technology, ensures increased productivity at minimal cost and risk. Our proven ability to customize every model to suit the dynamic needs and requirements of individuals and businesses, sets us apart.

Our expertise encompasses everything covering design, construction, commissioning maintenance and replacement of physical plant, equipment and facilities.

To know more about our services, do get in touch with us:

Sattva Group
Tel: +91 80 42699000
Fax: +91 80 42699011
E-mail: connect@sattvagroup.in

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